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Helping people began with my little brother John, a rubella baby, born deaf and blind in one eye. Standing up for him as he faced bullying and discrimination throughout his life, forged in my very being, the desire to defend the vulnerable and help people. While raising my children I would advocate on behalf of parents for their children with disabilities, appearing at CSE meetings to secure services for them. Later, being a radio talk show host afforded me the opportunity to meet many people who needed assistance.


This took me to Veteran Courts, Drug Courts, Traffic Courts, and state and city courts. In all of these courts, judges are tasked with imposing punishments to deter future behavior, help to get law breakers into rehabilitation if needed, and bring justice for victims.

In New York State a majority of town and village justices are non-lawyers. Thirty-one states have non-lawyer judges. The Office of Justice Court Support has been put in place in New York State to train and assist the 1,100 non-lawyer judges. Cross endorsing candidates for Town Justice denies the voter of their right to choose their judge. Voters get to the polling place, receive their ballot and find the same name in every ballot position. There is no choice.

Voting is one of the very few ways we have of directly participating in our government. We must allow this to happen. We must give the people a choice. I am a Republican with Conservative values. My opponent is a Democrat. There is a difference.

Republicans and Conservatives in our town deserve to have a choice. I promise to be fair and honest and support solutions and sentences that help people, bring justice to those harmed and be a judge who values law and order.


Vote Kathy Weppner for Amherst Town Justice
Primary Day June 22, 2021

Contact Kathy

Kathy Weppner

239 Meadowview Ln

Williamsville, NY 14221

​Tel: (716) 445-1066​

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